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Rodney Carrington

Rodney Carrington

Some dudes don’t have a problem talking about the junk in their trunk or the junk they like in their trunk – we don’t judge. Rodney Carrington is that man, and lucky for you he’s coming to Vegas to show the city a good time.

His path to righteousness started when he was signed by Mercury Records Nashville in 1998. His first comedy album might be a little on the lighter side of vulgar, but once people started to fall in love with him he went from the nice list to the naughty one. He has since produced albums called “Morning Wood,” “Nut Sack,” “El Niño Loco” and “King of the Mountains.” Yeah, he went there. He also has a song called “A Letter to My Penis,” what of it?

Needless to say this comedy show is not for the bashful. Carrington is going balls to the walls when he comes to Vegas.

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