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Lake Mead & Colorado River ATV Tour

Throw on those goggles, slip on those gloves and get ready to ride white knuckle through Lake Mead National Park with the Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures tour.

Ok, so maybe “white knuckle” is a bit of a stretch, but the part about riding an ATV through Lake Mead National Park is real. And maybe even cooler (like literally cooler), is the part where you stop by the Colorado River to go for a swim. Even if you’re not down with getting wet, it’s still great spot for a selfie or two. With all that ATV riding, picture taking and potential swimming action going down, you’re going to be hungry. Don’t worry about grubbing, because you’ll get to chow down on a burger (or vegetarian option) for lunch before the adventure ends.

Between us, the goggles and gloves make anything you do look like you’re going really fast. So if you want to tell your friends that you were doing 100 on an ATV through Lake Mead, we won’t tell them otherwise.

  • Adult price:
  • Child price:
  • Fees:
  • Locations:
    Lake Mead National Park and the Colorado River.
  • Tour length:
    180 minutes.
  • Air time:
  • Transportation type:
    ATV, UTV, van
  • Meals included:
  • General Information:
  • Height/Weight/Age restrictions:
  • Special requirements:
    Guests must not exceed 275 pounds and must wear shoes or boots only, as flip-flops and sandals are not permitted. Guests should dress in comfortable clothing. Must be 16 to drive an ATV.
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