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Zombie Burlesque

Zombie Burlesque

Burlesque admirers, laugh lovers and zombie fans are all welcome to Club Z theater at Planet Hollywood in Vegas to see the horrifically entertaining 75-minute production Zombie Burlesque and witness sexy dancing, comedy acts and grotesque zombies.

Bringing together elements of the most popular horror movies dating back to 40-60s, this unforgettable show includes elements of improvisation in every performance. At the back of the stage, on a raised platform a live band plays tunes from horror movies all night. Staged by famous New York choreographer, dancing in this show is absolutely incredible! Stand-up comedy, acrobatics, juggling and contortion fill the entertainment with more action.

The story, spiced up with humor, hot dancing and specialty acts brings spectators back to1958 to the time when the undead took over the world. After the Resident of US got a deal with ravaging Zombie crowd both living and dead coexist. Civilization had to pay for the peace releasing the worst prisoners to the undead. Zombies open up the doors of their Z club for everyone. Even though it all sounds pretty wicked, no harm is promised!

Zombie Burlesque show runs Monday through Saturday. Special dinner and ticket package includes a VIP seating as well as a prix fixe dinner at PBR Rockbar & Grill inside Planet Hollywood.

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