World Famous Gospel Brunch at House of Blues

Raise a glass and yell hallelujah! World Famous Gospel Brunch at House of Blues is a great way to ask for forgiveness for what you did last night, can we get an amen? Some consider brunch a religion, and we’re one of them.

This isn’t your ordinary brunch, the gospel music will have you on your feet and clapping your hands, all while chewing on a piece of fried chicken. The all-you-can-eat buffet includes Southern specialties like chicken and waffles, jambalaya and stone ground hominy grits. It isn’t brunch unless alcohol is involved. Head for the mimosa bar or be creative and create-your-own Bloody Mary. After a few, you’ll be onstage joining the choir.

Gospel Brunch at House of Blues hits the soulful spot. If you need us on holy Sunday, you know where to find us. Praise Jesus, hallelujah!

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