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VR - Virtual Reality Experience

VR – Virtual Reality Experience

Take a journey into the virtual world with the fully immersive Virtual Reality Experience at Pole Position Raceway.  Using state of the art Omni 2.0 motion technology, you and your crew will be able to solve puzzles, defeat foes, and explore each map as if you were actually there.  The Omni Arena by Virtuix includes a comfortable VR headset and their advanced free-roam motion technology. This setup allows a wide range of movement, from a meandering stroll to a full-speed sprint. The arena includes four adventures to choose from that are perfect for anyone with a height above 4’8″ and under 6’5″. The Blackbeard Pirate Adventure is perfect for younger players and allows you to loot for treasure, fight rival swashbucklers, and become true pirate legends. Core Defense Robot Shooter tasks your team in protecting the PowerCore from wave after wave of killer robots.  In Dead Zone Zombies, you’ll need to survive hordes of the undead with nothing but your wits and a massive arsenal of weaponry to use on your brain-eating foes.  And finally, there is Elite Force Deathmatch Shooter, where you’ll fight alongside your friends to defeat your enemies to grab the highest score.  The Virtual Reality Experience is also conveniently located inside the Pole Position Raceway, so you can enjoy all of the other fun-filled activities before or after your VR session. 

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