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Vegas SuperKarts

Vegas SuperKarts

Have you ever wanted to rip a Sodikart SR5 around some hairpin turns and fast acceleration straightaways? Dumb question, because of course you have. The better question to ask is “how many times have you dreamt about doing it?” Now, thanks to Vegas SuperKarts by Exotics Racing, you can turn your dream into a high-octane reality.

Look, we get it, you’re probably wondering how fast a “superkart” can actually go. Well, these ain’t your daddy’s county fair go-karts, ok. These Sodikart SR5’s are the real-deal-Holyfield. These bad boys pack a powerful 4-stroke Honda gas engine that offers top-level performance and handling while reaching unmatched speeds. If that doesn’t get the oil in your veins bubbling, wait until you put rubber to asphalt on the outdoor 2,100-foot long dedicated racetrack with speed-inducing straightaways and 14 jaw-clenching turns.

What are you waiting for? Vegas SuperKarts by Exotics Racing is what racing dreams are made of. Oooh that just made the hairs on our neck stand up.

Vegas SuperKarts

Quench your need for speed by racing a Sodikart SR5 on a dedicated racetrack with hairpin turns, fast acceleration straightaways and full adrenaline! Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Hours of operation:

7000 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV, United States, 89115

Entrance: with ticket

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