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Vegas Balloon Rides

If you always wanted to go up, up and away on a hot air balloon ride, now’s your chance.

Vegas Balloon Rides offers a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the Las Vegas valley, including the city, residential and desert areas. The adventure starts bright and early and begins with pickup at your hotel. If you don’t need a hotel pickup, you’ll meet at the Vegas Balloon Rides office located at 4390 Polaris Ave., and head to the launch site with the rest of the group. Here, you’ll listen to a safety briefing and sign a waiver before your balloon ride.

Watch the 10-story-high balloon inflate right before your eyes. Once it’s ready for takeoff, you’ll climb into the gondola. You may feel the butterflies flutter in your stomach, but we promise it’ll be smooth sailing.

Leery of heights? Don’t let that hinder you from climbing aboard. The pilots are also very personable, so you’ll feel at ease. The take-off happens so fast and smoothly, you’ll be 800 feet high in minutes. The balloon flies over the southwest part of the valley, so you’ll see views of the Las Vegas Strip and downtown, as well as Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountains.

Even the ride itself is peaceful. You’ll occasionally hear the sound of the propane burner, but it doesn’t affect the experience one bit. Depending on winds, the flight is approximately an hour long. You’ll have plenty of time to admire the scenery below you.

Since wind directions vary each day, you might fly right above a neighborhood and see people waving at you. Or, you may see a wild animal scurry across the desert. Taking pictures on the balloon ride is a rush in itself. Make sure you’re careful about extending your arm out — you don’t want to lose your camera!

The tour concludes with a champagne toast and snack, celebrating your trip in the sky. Listen as your guides share history about the early days of hot air balloon rides. At the end of your balloon adventure, you’ll have a new appreciation for this form of flight.

During this tour, watch as the crew inflates and deflates the balloons. You’ll also get a chance to help in the process. Not many people can say they’ve done this before!

In a city full of parties, excitement and energy, a journey on the Vegas Balloon Rides is a great way to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle. If you’re looking for something romantic to do in Vegas, a hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to spend time with your sweetie. Private charter flights are also available.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Hats are highly recommended. Make sure to call the night before your flight. For safety reasons, you may have to reschedule due to heavy winds.

Locations: Vegas Balloon Rides office is located at 4390 Polaris Avenue, right off the Strip.
Tour length: 180 minutes
Air time: Approximately 60 minutes
Transportation type: Balloon
Meals included: Snack and champagne toast.
Special requirements: Passengers must be 8 years old to ride, be in good physical condition and able to climb in and out of the balloon basket. Passengers must be under 250 pounds.

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