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Tracy Lawrence

Country music is the realest kind of music. The artists just lay their lives out there in the bluntest ways possible. They talk about their heartbreak, dogs dying or in the case of Tracy Lawrence, getting shot four times. And now Lawrence is coming to Vegas to dish the dirt and sing a few songs for a great night out on the town. 

Lawrence was a go-getter from the age of 15, when he started singing for live audiences. The singer was determined to make it big in the industry, even after getting shot on a date before the release of his first album, “Sticks and Stones.” And after breaking through with Atlantic records, he released more No. 1 hits like “Time Marches On,” “Paint Me a Birmingham” and “Alibis.” He even contributed a hit called “Renegades, Rebels and Rogues” for the iconic movie “Maverick.”

If you’re looking for an authentic experience, country is the way to go. Tracy Lawrence is coming to Vegas, and you can bet on him having a story or two to go along with his No. 1 hits. 

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