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The Miss Behave Gameshow

The Miss Behave Gameshow

*Cue dramatic background music* In a world filled with people glued to their phones, there was a brilliant woman who came out of the glittery ashes of doom to create the ultimate game show. *Cuts music* Sorry folks, we don’t get out often.

Step right up and claim a W at the ultimate Vegas game show called “The Miss Behave Gameshow.” The show has been touring around the world in places like Australia, New Zealand and even Hong Kong. It’s raunchier and steamier than your grandma in her old folks home, and that’s why we love it. The interactive game show lets you be on your phone the whole time, and that’s how you win. The categories are: Dial My Number Quickest, The Laid Lottery, Sit on a Seat and See What Happens and Porn I’ll Admit To (we’re pleading the fifth on this one). When you’re not competing, you’ll be entertained by variety acts that go on around the room.

Don’t be big losers-be a winner, baby and let the good times keep on rolling. The Miss Behave Gameshow is coming in hot. So let the games begin.

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