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The FAMtastic Hypnosis Show

If you have anything you’re hiding from your family, you might want to get it off your chest before you go to The FAMtastic Hypnosis Show inside Paris Las Vegas. Once under the hypnotist’s spell, you’ll have no control of what you say or do.

Produced by the world-famous hypnotist, Anthony Cools, this Las Vegas show is a treat for the whole family. Whether you go up onstage or watch from afar, you’ll be surprised by what this hypnotist can pull out of people, or better yet what they can make them do. Don’t worry parents, this is a family-friendly show, so everything that happens is G-rated. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you might even do something outrageous that the family won’t soon forget. No matter what happens, this is perfect afternoon pick-me-up with the whole gang.

The FAMtastic Hypnosis Show inside Paris Las Vegas is a family affair. Get your cheap tickets today.

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