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Steven Adler Formerly of Guns N Roses

Steven Adler Formerly of Guns N Roses

What do you do when you leave one of the most successful rock bands of all time? Well, when you’re Steven Adler, you call up some of your most talented musician friends and you hit the road.

If you’re a Steven Adler fan, chances are, you’re a Guns N’ Roses fan. And chances are, you’re probably wondering why he would walk away from being the freaking drummer of Guns N’ freakin’ Roses?! There’s the money, the fame (ooooh the fame) and everything else that comes with being one of the biggest bands in the world. Well, we can’t say for sure why he left, we’re just glad that the dude kept on making music that keeps fans banging their heads. Singles like, “Alive,” “Stardog” and “Fading” sprinkled among some of those famous G-n-R hits, keep bringin’ the fans back.

So get your crew together and bust out that hairspray, because Steven Adler is going to take you back to rock’s golden era. Cheap tickets are available now.

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