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Soundtrack: Your Songs Our Stories The Show

When you’ve been on top for as long as Clint Homes and Earl Turner have, it’s safe to say you know what the people want. With their show: Sountrack: Your Songs. Our Stories. The Show, these classic Vegas showmen give the people exactly what they want: pure entertainment. Close your eyes and listen for a moment. No, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. didn’t rise from the dead, but Clint Holmes and Earl Turner are pretty dang close. Holmes is a ridiculously talented singer, and his trophy case reflects that. He’s won awards like the Best All-Around Las Vegas Performer, Favorite Male Las Vegan, Best Kept Secret and Best Singer. Turner is no slouch, either. The all-around talent owns a spot in the New Orleans Music Hall of Fame and has earned the coveted title, “Male Vocalist of the Year.” Yeah, these dudes have some talent, to say the least. We’re glad that Clint Holmes and Earl Turner know what the people want. Can we bring a paper and pen to the show? We should probably take notes.

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