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Showgirl Bootcamp Experience

Showgirls are more than rhinestone dresses and pretty, pink feather fans. It’s hard work. Step into the life of a Vegas showgirl at Showgirl Bootcamp. This won’t be as intense as CrossFit, unless you’re into that sort of thing, then maybe it will be.

For the next two hours, real Las Vegas showgirls will take you inside their world and show you makeup tricks, signature struts and moves you can take home and show your friends. But before you get glammed up and rhinestoned for the gawds, make sure to arrive with base makeup applied, pack your contour and blush palettes and any other makeup if you have skin sensitivities. Also, you won’t have to supply your own showgirl outfit, but show up in black leggings, nylons, or fishnets, a black t-shirt or tank top, athletic shoes and comfy heels you feel confident in.

It’s time to see if you have what it takes to be a showgirl in Las Vegas at Showgirl Bootcamp.  

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