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Sebastian Maniscalco - You Bother Me Tour

Sebastian Maniscalco – You Bother Me Tour

We have more than 800 selfies on our phone, so what? Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco would call us lonely, but we’re just trying to let the world know how cool we are. We’re going to explain that (and hopefully get a selfie with him to prove it) when he comes to tear up Encore at Wynn Las Vegas on October 12-13, 2019.

Starting his career performing in bars and bowling alleys, Maniscalco has made a name for himself by calling out the ridiculous realities of everyday life (sorry not sorry, but we still love selfies). The man is a machine, having done everything from a half-hour Comedy Central Presents set, to three Showtime specials and pretty much every late night show around. His witty takes and observations have him on the fast track to stardom, much like us with our HUGE social media following.

Sebastian Maniscalco, you see right through us. We are lonely. Very, very lonely. Maybe we can get a therapy session rollin’ after the show?        

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