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Rise Against

Rise Against

Does your sucky boss keep hounding you at work? Maybe your significant other is being a drag? Well, we got a little gift for ya: Rise Against is about to rock the Vegas stage.

This concert is a dream come true for modern-era rock fans. Hardcore rock band, Rise Against are known for their super smash hits, “Give It All,” “Prayer of the Refugee,” and “Savior.” The band formed in 1999, and after a few hiccups, they’ve been jamming together ever since, creating nine killer studio records and earning success in the U.S. and internationally.

Their latest album, Nowhere Generation, is an aggressive spotlight that shines a light on the social and economic issues that are making it so difficult for the younger generation to attain the American Dream. The album’s title track earned a top spot on multiple Billboard charts and was featured in publications like LoudWire, Revolver,, and more.

Sure, we hear that yoga is a pretty good stress reliever. But something about mosh pits and screaming until your voice gives out just speaks to us, you know?

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