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Raiding the Rock Vault

Raiding the Rock Vault

These are NOT basement guitarists and karaoke wannabees who stumbled out of the garage and onto the stage to play half-decent covers. The cast of Raiding the Rock Vault plays the standards like only real rockers can, because they are real rockers.

You know how your college roommate could barely squeak out the “oooooh-oh!” in the first half of “Livin’ on a Prayer” and then his voice cracked? There’s absolutely no risk of that at Raiding the Rock Vault. These killer tribute performers belt it out like the professionals they are — with power and guts. While a group of Guitar Gods lead the audience through three decades of hits: Hendrix, Zepplin, Queen, Def Leppard, AC/DC, van Halen, and everything in between. And two extremely talented female vocalists round out the performance.

They know exactly what they’re doing: playing the greatest music from the greatest eras in American history, and reminding the fans who grew up to those sounds, that real music never dies. Rock out to Raiding the Rock Vault in Vegas.

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