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Poco is like your grandmother’s jambalaya. There’s a lot of different ingredients, but when together it’s one hell of a dish.

Poco, an American country rock group, has more than four decades of music experience under its belt. The key to success is blood, sweat and tears, kind of like your grandmother’s cooking. After the breakup of Buffalo Springfield, Poco was formed. It took the sound of the old band and made it their own. Yeah, they had more member tryouts than there are Vegas hotels, but they stuck with it and now they’re one of the longest standing country rock bands to date. They have hits like, “Rose of Cimarron,” “Heart of the Night” and “Call it Love.”

Now, dig into this band’s music like you would your grandmother’s cuisine. That way, when they come to Vegas, you can sing along to all of their songs. Get your cheap tickets to Poco inside Golden Nugget on June 14, 2019, at 8 p.m.

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