A variety, comedy and acrobatic production “Opium” has recently celebrated it’s one-year anniversary on Strip. Created by Spiegel World, the creative minds behind Las Vegas famous show Absinthe, this absolutely hilarious and nonstop entertaining performance at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is full of inappropriate, raunchy jokes. If you don’t mind that kind of comedy and like the entertainment that is a bit risky you’re welcome to join the spacecraft OPM crew on their trip from Uranus to fabulous Las Vegas.

“Opium” is one of those Las Vegas shows that caters a broad audience. Get ready for filthy acts intersecting with acrobatics and wrapped up in lots of music. Dirty jokes combined with singing, juggling and sword swallowing are performed by space freaks. Their costumes and appearance are inspired by Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, and some other famous characters. There is a cast member that deserves a special attention, and it’s not the Captain. It’s captain’s right hand, a nefarious Chihuahua named Sputnik. Wild live music that comes from stage is played by a band that consists of a keyboardist, guitar players, a saxophonist, and a drummer.

Explore Opium universe at newly renovated Opium theater. Showroom that has an intimate atmosphere, offers a comfortable seating and a great acoustics. Ringside seats are the closest to the stage and are most popular choice among visitors. Not only they offer the best views of the performance but as well provide a chance for lucky ones be involved in the action.

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