Night Ranger

Ring in the New Year early with the iconic 80’s rock band Night Ranger when they hit the Golden Nugget stage for one night only.

Yeah, everyone “knows” that Night Ranger is an iconic ‘80s rock ‘n’ roll band. It’s common knowledge. But until you’ve heard “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me,” “When You Close Your Eyes” or “Goodbye” in person, you don’t really know how awesome their awesomeness really is. It’s like seeing the moon from earth vs. actually landing on the darn thing. And if their numerous world tours and millions of sold records aren’t enough to convince you of their ‘80s rock dominance, we suggest you take a look at their hair. We dare you to name another band with such glorious locks!

So tease your hair out and get ready for a good time, because Night Ranger is going to deliver an unforgettable Vegas concert. Get your tickets to Night Ranger before it’s too late.

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