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Neil Sedaka

Neil Sedaka

After five decades on the music scene, we think it’s safe to say Neil Sedaka is here to stay.

Now that we’ve basically called him a legend, here are his accomplishments to date: he was discovered at the sweet widdle tender age of 13, and immediately paired up with 16-year-old Howard Greenfield (the O.G. P.I.C.). And for all of you who don’t know the meaning of these acronyms it stands for the original gangsta partner in crime. These two went on to write more than 500 songs, one of them being “Stupid Cupid,” an international smash hit for singer Connie Francis. N-B-D, it’s only INTER-nationally known, right? As far as his songs go, he’s most famous for “Oh! Carol,” “Calendar Girl” and “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen.” After a few years he won the Art Gilmore Career Achievement Award and is still at it.

Hit the streets and head over to this music legends concert in Vegas, we’re pretty sure we gave you tons of reasons.

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