National Geographic – Rarely Seen Exhibition

The National Geographic – Rarely Seen Exhibition gives you a stunning look at our planet through the lens of some of the finest photographers in the world.  This visually immersive attraction gives visitors the chance to see 50 different once-in-a-lifetime moments. Before entering, you’ll enjoy an introduction to the exhibit by veteran National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez, who has traveled across the globe to capture these elusive moments on camera. Some of the gorgeous photos you’ll experience feature the Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand, the Pope taking a selfie in Vatican City, a brightly colored hummingbird facing off with a pit viper, the Rayang Dam in Thailand, an underwater park in Austria, ice caves, a supercell storm, and a stunning royal white tiger in its natural habitat.  Get your tickets today to National Geographic – Rarely Seen Exhibition and get ready to experience the world in a brand new beautiful way.

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