Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

When it comes to picking an evening show in Vegas, the abundance of options makes it really hard to choose. However, Mystère by Cirque du Soleil is a show you can’t go wrong with. After 25 years of residency in Vegas, the show presented exclusively at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino remains as popular as ever.

Mystère is a world of playful imagination, a tribute to the athletic and elegant human body. This humorous and sunny performance balances acrobatic and comedy acts in a high-style entertainment. Live singers and world class acrobats, fantastic dancers and spectacular visual effects, stunning costumes and surrealistic puppets (gigantic inflatable snail) thrill audience for 90-minutes. Show performers bring joy into the amphitheater interacting with the audience. Mystère theater has excellent seating around the central stage with incline between rows allowing for perfect viewing angles from all sides of the theater.

Colorful and vibrant Mystere has a unique circus style of entertainment with visually mesmerizing scenes, diversity of music styles, spectacular choreography, and incredible acrobatics. This musical adventure creates a cheerful atmosphere you will not want to forget anytime soon. Mystere is a family friendly show that is performed twice a day. Tickets sell out fast, book in advance to secure your seat!

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