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Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino

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Elegance, style and good manners personified. That’s what Place du Casino, the famous gambling region in Monte Carlo, Monaco, is known for. Hotels there have welcomed the rich and famous for well over a century. (Just picture Princess Grace.) OK, so the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas hasn’t been around that long. And its guests lean more toward wealthy wannabes than 24-carat gold millionaires or actresses-turned-princesses. But since the Monte Carlo was built to evoke the Place du Casino, it shares those same notions. Rarely besieged by masses of college-age peeps, you won’t find a “visitors gone wild” fiasco in here. Taking a cue from the French Riviera, Sin City’s Monte Carlo is all about being civilized. Situated near the bustling south end of the Las Vegas Strip (sadly, it doesn’t overlook a faux Mediterranean Sea, but this is Vegas so maybe someday it will), the enchanting grand-style architecture inspires a bit of a hoity-toity attitude, but don’t be misled — this hotel also has a fresh outlook and knows how to have a good time. As you’d expect of a posh hotel, the restaurant lineup at Monte Carlo is sure to impress. Brand Steakhouse is known for its perfect preparations of oversized steaks and chops. They’re so tender and juicy and succulent — need we say more? And d.vino offers wine enthusiasts some great “vino” to accompany the wood-fired pizzas and other Italian fare. You’ll find casual eats and an artisan cup of joe out on the Plaza, Monte Carlo’s Strip-facing, open-air promenade. There are several indoor/outdoor eateries here including BLVD Creamery (with quirky frozen treats like the #WTJ, a watermelon sorbet infused with jalapeño), Sambalatte and 800 Degrees Pizzeria, where you can watch your pizza cook in a matter of two minutes. At the far south end of the Plaza Diablo’s Cantina offers devilishly delicious Mexican cuisine and tequila shots, while on the north end Double Barrel Roadhouse has a rustic barn vibe, the sexy “DB Girls” (who strut the catwalks above at night) and craft cocktails like “spiked” ice tea. Discover other great drinking spots inside the Monte Carlo. In the icy wonderland of Minus5° Ice Bar, parkas, scarves and gloves are among the recommended attire, and vodka is the drink of choice…for obvious reasons. Last but not least, you can be accommodated at Vegas’ Monte Carlo in true Monaco fashion — first class. Located on the 32nd floor of the Monte Carlo is HOTEL32, a boutique hotel experience within the megaresort. Not only does it feature unforgettable views of the Strip, but every guest is catered to like a celebrity. The minute you set foot on the premises, a “personal suite assistant” will be waiting to escort you to your room via a private elevator. (Good riddance to the line at the front desk!) In addition, your personal suite assistant will stock the fridge to your request, make all of your reservations and basically attend to your every whim (ahem, within reason). So what else can we say about the Monte Carlo that hasn’t been said? How about this? Stay here and you’ll not only love it, you might even feel like a glamorous Hollywood film star. (We’re referring to Grace Kelly again, of course.) Starting Oct. 3, 2016, the Monte Carlo will undergo construction that will close The Pub and the pool. Access to the tram to Aria and Bellagio will be available to guests for consistent, reliable transportation. Upon check-in, you will receive a notice of this construction and anything else that might be going on during your stay. 

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