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MARC SAVARD Comedy Hypnosis

MARC SAVARD Comedy Hypnosis

Six times winner of “The Best Of Las Vegas” for both Best Value Show and Best Comedy Show, Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis at V Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood has all you need for an evening entertainment that you won’t forget anytime soon. For over 13 years this entertainer remains in demand in Vegas with his high value show delivered at an unbeatable price.

This show is a combination of comedy and hypnosis. Marc Savard is known for taking to stage visitors, hypnotizing them and making them behave outrageously. Volunteers will be invited to participate if they happen to be in a ready for hypnosis frame of mind. Each will get a laughable scenario to perform, and as the performance advance, Marc Savard’s “co-stars” entertain audience by being ready to do anything! If you feel adventurous enough after a drink or two, you are welcome to join the fun on stage. We can’t guarantee you’ll remember what happened on the show, but your party will recall this night as one of those forever lasting Vegas memories.

Even though some folks find this show a bit on a riskier side, Comedy Hypnosis is definitely one of the most amusing shows on Strip. Audience has tons of fun, and because the most part of show is an improvisation by hypnotized guests, the show is never the same. This 75-minute performance runs Saturday through Thursday at 10 p.m.

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