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Luis Miguel

Have you ever been the most successful at something? Yeah, neither have we. That’s why we’re so jazzed about Luis Miguel coming to Las Vegas. His sweet, sweet voice has been tantalizing audiences for decades. Needless to say, we’ll be taking notes.

Luis Miguel has been one of most successful artists in Latin American history, so yeah, he can sing. If that wasn’t enough of a talent, he’s unspeakably good looking. Yet another thing he’s ridiculously good at. **rolls eyes** His well-chiseled jawline isn’t the only thing that helped him sell more than 100 million records worldwide and win awards out the wazoo. Smash hits like “No Se Tu,” “Hasta Que Me Olvides” and “La Incondicional” have packed more houses than a globally-known moving company.

We’re going to take all the notes we can, but maybe we’re just meant to enjoy Luis Miguel for the talent he is? Either way, we’re getting our tickets and so should you.

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