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Count us as people who don’t need to be slapped in the face with a rhinestone belt buckle to recognize country music royalty. That’s why we’re rolling out the red carpet when Lonestar struts into Vegas.

Getting together in 1992, Lonestar is relatively baby-faced when it comes to the grand scheme of longevity in country music, but that hasn’t stopped them from gettin’ the biscuit. And get the biscuit they did, because these dudes have had more than 20 singles on the Hot Country Songs chart and nine that hit #1. Jams like “No News,” “Come Cryin’ to Me” and “Amazed” are going to have us knee-slappin’ and toe-tappin’ until the cows come home. Or is it “until the roosters crow?” Wait, do roosters even crow? Clearly our country excitement is getting away from us. What we’re trying to say is that they have a bunch of songs that are really good.

Now, if you happen to have been hit in the face with a rhinestone belt buckle, just throw some ice on it, pony-up and get to this show.

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