Little River Band

Betcha you didn’t know some really rad stuff comes from Australia. It’s true. Clear wi-fi, “The Crocodile Hunter” and Vegemite spread all hail from “the land down undah.” Betcha also didn’t know that another great Australian export is coming to jam out in Vegas either: Little River Band.

These dudes are huge. And not just in a “they’re popular back home,” kinda way. Little River Band has sold more than 30 million records and have scored 13 American Top 40 hits. “It’s a Long Way There,” “The Night Owls” and “Lady,” are just a few of their most popular jams. LRB isn’t just riding a wave of past hits either. They’re still droppin’ new music and we’re really diggin’ it.

Sorry for the cheesy Australia jokes, we’ve just been watching that buff kangaroo YouTube video all day.

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