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Lionel Richie – A Legend in Las Vegas

Lionel Richie – A Legend in Las Vegas

It’s true what they say about Lionel Richie, you know. Saying “Lionel Richie” out loud five times and then looking into his eyes will make you fall passionately in love. People tried to tell us that it was just an old wives’ tale, and we believed them. Then, we saw him in concert inside Wynn Las Vegas and now there’s no going back.

Ok, so maybe our love affair with Lionel Richie has more to do with his silky smooth voice and sweet dance moves and less to do with love spells, but who cares. This man is THE man, and a hunky one at that (can we get some fries with that shake?!). Like the fountain of youth that he apparently bathes in, his music is timeless. Hits like “All Night Long,” “Easy (Like Sunday Morning)” and “Say You, Say Me” have helped him sell more than 100 million records worldwide. You could say that he’s a pretty big deal.

Ok, remember what we said about looking into his eyes? Sit back, relax and look into those sweet, hopeful, passionate, loving eyes. Trust us, Lionel has had us hooked for awhile. And our lives’ have never been better.

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