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Tick-tock on the clock, because you definitely don’t want to miss out on seeing the iconic Kesha live in Las Vegas! The acclaimed pop-artist has transformed since her first debut single of “Tik Tok” back in 2009, and this one-night only event in Las Vegas is spotlighting her latest album “Gag Order,” as well as other iconic hits she’s put out over the years.

The “Rolling Stone” calls “Gag Order” “her most daring music yet,” where Kesha gets to confront her own reflection and finds empowerment in her own voice. This performance promises a spectacular show of Kesha’s vocal prowess, charisma, and humor. Don’t miss out on some of her classic hits like “Your Love is My Drug” and “Praying.”

Don’t miss out on seeing Kesha live in Las Vegas at the Pearl Theater inside of the Palms Casino Resort!

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