Kathleen Madigan

Having observed thousands of drunken tourists teetering their way through the streets of Sin City, we of all people, know funny when we see it! And Kathleen Madigan has funny written all over here. Well, not literally, but “the funniest woman in America,” and “one of the best comics alive,” is in Vegas to show us how she claimed those titles.

Tastefully distasteful, just the way we like it, Madigan got her start at open mic nights in St. Louis. Since taking on a full-time career in comedy, she’s performed numerous televised and live performances. She’s even a veteran of the late night circut, having appeared on “The Tonight Show” more than a dozen times. And not to rub her success in your face, but Madigan has the awards to prove it. She’s won the American Comedy Award for “Best Female Comedian,” and the Phyllis Diller Award for “Best Female Comedian.” Impressed? We are.

Madigan is clearly one of the best in the bizz. If we were her, we’d literally bring all of those awards up on stage each night. But that’s just us.

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