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Joe Bonamassa

What do you call someone who became a musical wizard at age 7 and then opened shows for B.B. King by the time they turned 12? You call them a freakin’ child prodigy, that’s what. That child prodigy, Joe Bonamassa, has grown into a full-size adult guitar/blues maestro and is looking to spread his funk talents all The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on October 27, 2019.

No joke, Joe Bonamassa was born to be a musician. Dude literally got his first guitar when he was 4, which is impressive considering that we had barely mastered going number two in the big people potty at that age. Bonamassa is anything but a “mere guitar player.” He’s a charismatic blues-rock star-singer-songwriter who’s traveled the world and has played with everyone from Eric Clapton to Jason Bonham (the dude from Led Zeppelin and Foreigner). Even cooler, he won the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award in 2009 at the U.K.’s Classic Rock n’ Roll Honour Awards, which is the same year that he sold out London’s Royal Albert Hall (which is a super prestigious venue in London, FYI).

At age 7 we were sticking pencils in our noses, which is admittedly a low bar to hurdle, but that’s what makes Joe Bonamassa so talented. If he was killin’ the game at that age, what is he going to do when he rocks Vegas?

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