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Janet Jackson: Metamorphosis

All hail the ruler of the entertainment industry! Cue lights, dramatic music entrance and shoot off the glitter bombs. Janet Jackson is coming to Vegas, because the queen is ready to take back what is rightfully hers, the Entertainment Capital of the World’s throne. Too much? Too bad! This is surely what she deserves.

Like Janet Jackson needs an introduction, she’s been the queen of the entertainment industry for three decades. Yeah, we say that a lot, but we claim take backsies on all the other ones. Jackson has the name and is the cream of the crop when it comes to entertaining us peasants. She’s won so many awards that she should be the one who’s sparkling platinum, not her albums. She might be the youngest in her legendary family, but boy does she know how to rise to the top. Michael was great, but this Jackson is the fiercest (just look at her hair). She has a one of a kind sound that no kid these days can replicate. This probably sounds like a love letter to her, and that’s because it is. When she starts singing “Together Again,” “Any Time, Any Place” or “Nasty” chills run down our spines.

So, can we make the vote official? Will the people please elect us the president of her fan club? Because we’re diggin’ her vibes the most, no question about that.

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