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Ilusión Mental - El show en Español

Ilusión Mental – El show en Español

No matter how tight-lipped you are, Santiago Michel will still find things you haven’t told the world and share it with 100 of your closest friends in the audience. Michel is bringing the first ever, full-Spanish language magic show to Vegas. And if he didn’t already pick our brains to find out, we’re stoked about it. With the Latino culture taking the largest cut of the population pie in the United States, and Las Vegas being a global destination, it’s only time that we debuted a Spanish-only show. That’s right folks, the whole show is en Español. It’s like watching a telenovela, but better. And no one deserves this show more than Michel, he’s been working day-in and day-out on his magic since he was young. He’s traveled around the world performing mind tricks on hundreds of people, managing to find out everything about the audience members he pulls onstage. He will unravel the story of your life and unlock the contents stored deep within your mind, without the use of a scary brain-wave machine. He simply uses his magic and mentalist abilities to access it all. Don’t believe us? Step right up. We don’t know what’s more dangerous: Santiago Michel or lying to your mom when she knows the truth. Head to the show and see for yourself, don’t say we never warned you. ——————————————————————————————– Michel, sabe lo que estás pensando. De verdad, puede leer tus pensamientos. Un escenario, tu mente y la imaginación de los espectadores es lo todo lo que él necesita. Estarás bajo su influjo, tendrá acceso a tus secretos más oscuros, conducirá tu comportamiento y predecirá tu futuro. Pero no te inquietes, todo es un juego. Como él mismo dice: “Mi objetivo final, es que la gente se divierta, disfrute y se sorprenda. Que sientan la magia de cuando eran niños, y pasen una velada en verdad mágica. Si puedo hacer que te rías, te conmuevas y te sorprendas, he logrado mi objetivo.”  Lunes, jueves, sábado y domingo 5:30PM. Sin City Theater, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

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