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Il Volo

Il Volo

What do you get when you take three upstart Italians who’ve created their own spin on classical opera and drop them in Las Vegas? A mind-blowingly good time is what! So freshen up on your Italian and get ready to see Il Volo rock The Pearl inside Palms on March 15, 2020.

We’re not historians, but we know the words “opera” and “contemporary” aren’t often used together. That’s why Il Volo is such a big deal. These three youngsters have taken classical opera and completely made it their own. Smash hits like “Grande Amore,” “Il Mondo” and “Smile” have even helped describe the trio’s sound as “popera.” Again, we’re no experts, but creating a new genre of music and winning the Sanremo Music Festival means they’re doing something right.

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