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Hotel Apache

Hotel Apache

If MythBusters and Ghost Hunters are your favorite TV shows, or you have a knack for history, you’re in for a treat. The Hotel Apache has re-opened its haunted historical halls back up and you’re almost guaranteed to have a paranormal experience.

Originally opened in 1932, this Las Vegas hotel is a true historical landmark. As the saying goes, the more history something has, the more likely it’s haunted, or something like that. After some time, Benny Binion took over the hotel and guests like Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart and Lucille Ball checked into this historical hotel.

So if you’re not a fan of ghosts, but a fan of old Hollywood stars, this is the place to stay during your Vegas vacation.  They spruced up the hotel since it last opened, but it has still retained its period appeal. Although they added new amenities like 42-inch flat-screen TVs, the rooms still have an old-timey feel to them.

The rooms have crown moldings, black and white bathroom tile, a period-inspired rotary dial telephone and vintage clock radio.  But don’t be fooled by these upgraded amenities, there are still ghosts that will nudge you while walking through these haunted halls.

Some guests have even reported seeing faint outlines of the past owners’ family, kind of like the twins in “The Shining.” It’s spooky szn all year when you book your stay at the Hotel Apache. Do you have the guts to stay all night? Go in and find out.

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