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Hip-Nosis starring Justin Tranz Comedy

Hip-Nosis starring Justin Tranz

Step into the mesmerizing world of Hip-Nosis, hosted by the renowned Justin Tranz. Through the power of hypnosis, ordinary audience members become willing participants in an evening of side-splitting comedy and unpredictable scenarios. No two shows are the same as Justin skillfully tailors each performance to the unique personalities on stage, guaranteeing a night filled with uncontrollable laughter that defies expectations. Are you brave enough to volunteer? Surrender to the enchantment of Hip-Nosis with Justin Tranz and get your tickets now! PARKING INFO: Parking is available underneath Neonopolis from 4th street and Fremont, the ramp is on the right side of the street just past Denny’s. Park on level P2. Once parked, take the parking elevator from the parking garage up to the 3rd floor. Notoriety’s doors are straight ahead once you come off of the elevator.

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