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Grand Canyon National Park Overnight Walking Tour

Have you ever seen those nature “experts” on T.V. and thought, “I could totally do that?” You know what we’re talking about, those people who get dropped off in the middle of the desert, eat questionably large insects and can distinguish an Elk track from that of a Roe deer. Well, the Grand Canyon National Park Overnight Walking Tour is your chance to channel your inner wilderness expert, bug eater or not.

This three-day, two-night guided adventure is going to get you all up-close-and-personal with the cracks, crevasses and breathtaking beauty that makes Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Zion National Park so famous. Just be sure to pack comfortable shoes, because bunions be damned, you’re going to want to trek through all the wonders these parks have to offer.

Prefer to be a professional person of leisure? We have you covered. Grand Canyon National Park Overnight Walking Tour allows you to be as “adventurous” as you’d like. Break a sweat while posing for photos in front of the Hoover Dam. Exert yourself while enjoying a meal in one of the cafes along the rim of the Grand Canyon. And you’re going to want a flashlight to fight off the mysteries of the night (which may or may not be a possessed ice maker) while unwinding in the comforts of a three star hotel (additional fees may apply).

And just like that, the Grand Canyon National Park Overnight Walking Tour has you ready to star in your own wilderness/adventure show. Just remember who got you your break when you make it to the big leagues, ok?

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  • Locations:
    Hoover Dam, Route 66 and Grand Canyon National Park. 
  • Tour length:
    The tour begins at 8 a.m. on day one and returns at 7 p.m. on day two. 
  • Air time:
  • Transportation type:
    SUV, 13 passenger mini bus or 9 passenger minibus. 
  • Meals included:
  • General Information:
  • Height/Weight/Age restrictions:
  • Special requirements:
    Walking shoes and warm clothes for the evening are recommended. 
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