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Fuerza Bruta

Fuerza Bruta

Plenty of music and “kinetic” aerial imagery fill the tent at Fuerza Bruta.

Looking for an immersive Las Vegas show? How about one that’s interactive, too? Now, try keeping your jaw from hitting the floor once Fuerza Bruta sets up shop at Excalibur.

We know you’ve heard the phrase “non-stop action” before, but Fuerza Bruta is next level. And it’s inside a state-of-the-art tent, no less. A great way to get in touch with your senses, this Las Vegas show has emotion, visual effects and mid-air performers doing crazy stunts up-close-and-personal. And we don’t want to give away too many details, but “gorgeous women,” “Lucite pool” and “being inches away” should be enough to get your imagination fired up.

When you’re searching for shows in Las Vegas, you want the unexpected and the unpredictable. Fuerza Bruta has all that, and a little Mylar for good measure. Book your tickets now, this is a Vegas experience unlike any other. Heads up, this show is standing room only as no seats will be provided. 

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