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Evil Dead The Musical HD

No sound rivals the sweet melody of zombie slaying. It’s quite musical, actually. So much in fact, that we’d actually pay to hear it in concert. Thankfully, Evil Dead: The Musical is here to fill that void in our heart. So pull up a chair, gas up your chainsaw and get ready to witness art of the highest esteem.

Count us among the people who would’ve never guessed that “The Evil Dead” would be turned into a musical. But this is Vegas, and you know what, we’ve seen weirder things happen. Taking elements from cult classic films “Evil Dead 1,” “Evil Dead 2” and “Army of Darkness,” Evil Dead: The Musical is equal parts deranged hilarity and singing ability to die for. If you’re feeling brave, take a seat in the “splatter zone.” We can’t tell you what you’ll get splattered with, but we can say that it rhymes with “flood.”

Wonder if they sell audiotapes in the gift shop? A massacre show tune sounds like the perfect way to chill before bedtime.   

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