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Dennis DeYoung

Dennis DeYoung

We once saw a saying beneath a tea cap that said: “Sometimes you have to leave something good, for better things to happen.” We thought it was a total crock until we found out that Dennis DeYoung was coming to town. Then it all started to make sense.

Former frontman for the band Styx, DeYoung had a really, REALLY great thing going for him a la four consecutive Platinum records and eight Top-10 Hits. But like any young person with dreams and ambition (and a Scrooge McDuck fortune), he threw up the deuces and went solo. While we would’ve freaked out faster than a blonde girl in a horror film, DeYoung dropped chart-toppers like, “Desert Moon,” “Don’t Wait for Heroes” and “Call Me.” And because that wasn’t enough for the dude, he even dabbled in theatre, having appeared in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Moral of the story: trust the wise words beneath those tea caps and always get your Dennis DeYoung tickets from us.

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