Delano Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay

Vegas is full of gems that aren’t really hidden so much as waiting to be discovered. Down a hall in Mandalay Bay, or through a door in the parking structure, you’ll discover the Delano – a sophisticated and elegant accent to the wanton world of the Las Vegas Strip. From Mandalay Bay, pass the MJ One Theater. From the valet entrance, move through the large, wood-slatted gate and in between the massive divided boulder that graces the entryway. Either way will lead you to a sight you won’t soon forget. The first thing you’ll likely notice is the minimalist nature-inspired décor. Many Strip hotels opt for glamour and prestige, but most demand constant traffic that can detract from the decadence. Give yourself a moment to adjust to the beauty and you’ll realize two facts quite quickly: Delano has no gaming to distract you and no smoking to choke you up. (Yes, Delano is a rare breed in Vegas, a non-smoking resort.) All of this creates a property that doesn’t scream class, it whispers it politely and with style. Whether you’re checking in or just checking out the space, you can get your morning coffee and muffin at 3940 Coffee + Tea, the eatery that’s open from the morning until early evening. Two items not to be missed are the croissant/donut and the Nutella and raspberry crêpes. If you’re looking for something a bit stiffer, just take a few steps to the other side of the lobby. Franklin, Delano’s signature lobby bar, has a warmth that can be hard to find in Sin City – not counting the outdoor heat of course. The fireplace brings that warmth more literally, but the intimate back room, and wide open bar area, each with just the right amount of dimness and charm, make the whole space feel like a hot little hideaway that’s still right in the middle of an exquisite lobby – perfect for anyone wanting to get cozy while still being seen. And when the hour gets late, a DJ appears and turns the space into a quasi-club that hits all the right notes. When you’re ready to pamper your whole sensual self, the Bathhouse Spa has 12 treatment rooms, exotic baths, pools of varying temperatures and a sultry waterfall. Massages, facials and body wraps are offered. And showcased on the menu is a collection of “Global Journeys,” exquisite rituals from far-off places like India and other countries you don’t need to travel to for the experience of a lifetime. Meant to evoke South Delano Beach, you’ll see a palette of whites accented with vibrant hues of teal and cobalt at Delano Beach Club. In addition to plenty of lounge chairs and 16 cabanas, there are whimsical things like an oversized chess board on the pool’s wet deck.  As a guest of Delano, you’ll also have access to everything Mandalay Bay has to offer from the theaters to the casino to the convention center. Plus, afternoons can be spent soaking up the sun and scoping out the scene at Mandalay Bay Beach, an 11-acre paradise-like pool complex, Moorea Beach Club or Daylight Beach Club. Delano Las Vegas is also within walking distance of a premium retail complex (The Shoppes at Mandalay Place), a diverse collection of trendy restaurants and bars (from Fleur by Hubert Keller and RM Seafood by Rick Moonen to Eyecandy and the House of Blues) and a number of major tourist attractions (Shark Reef). With a lobby that feels like an art house and model studio that just happens to have a coffee shop and bar, and an atmosphere that treats you less like a guest and more like royalty on holiday from responsibility, Delano is one of the sweet spots in Vegas to indulge in luxury while embracing the serene. 

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