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Chad Prather

Ladies and gentlemen, what if we could empower you to tap into your inner happiness and achieve your wildest dreams? Well, we can’t do that, but Chad Prather can. And he’s bringing his country-style comedy with him to help you do it.

Calling Chad Prather this thing or that thing would be a slap in the face. This dude isn’t merely a “comedian,” though he will make you fall out of your saddle laughing. And he’s not simply an armchair “philosopher,” though he will give you something to think about. Prather’s quick wit and southern drawl has helped him draw crowds throughout the country that make stadiums tighter than a can of sardines. Name a major TV network and he’s probably talked about life and finances on it. Shoot, he’s even had his own show on Ride TV. Not too shabby for a cowboy, eh?

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