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Celestia is a recent wonder added to Las Vegas variety of spectacular productions, the enchanting performance that unfolds the imagination and takes you on a dream journey across the universe. Classical circus acts like acrobatics, contortion acts, aerial gymnastics and dancing are accompanied by live music, state-of-the-art-technology and upscale visual effects. The show takes place in a 30,000-square foot Theatre Tent that is designed specifically for aerial and acrobatic acts.

Among Celestia’s mind blowing numbers are the Wheel of Death hit and high-flying acrobatic tricks. The cast features some of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” stars like father-daughter duo Sergey and Sasha, and other acclaimed performers like the Sandou Trio Russian Bar known for their participation in the film “The Greatest Showman.” The tent provides a natural circus atmosphere. Videos displayed on the tent surface and spectacular lighting effects are impressive. Remarkable Wheel of Death performance closing the show is a quite rare act among Vegas productions.

One of not so many family friendly performances, Celestia is a perfect choice for all ages. The performance is packed with tons of fun squeezed in only 70 minutes which is far less than your typical Vegas show. Celestia is almost 4 times less expensive then Cirque’s Vegas shows at a regular price. That is a real deal for a top-notch quality, and a reason why this show is on the list of Vegas top sellers. Don’t miss your chance to see this all-new entertainment and book your tickets in advance.

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