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Brian McKnight - Live in Concert

Brian McKnight – Live in Concert

When you hear Brian McKnight’s songs, you totally know he has all the right moves. And not only does he have the right moves, but so does his voice (if that’s even possible). Bottom line is, we’d listen to him sing names from a phonebook. McKnight is coming to Vegas and you bet we’re going to swoon as soon as he comes out on stage and busts out his smooth R&B sound.

Brian McKnight is the man who has it all. Besides his angelic vocals, he can play eight other instruments. He can play the piano, bass, guitar, percussion, trombone, tuba, flugelhorn and trumpet. When it comes to artists these days, you just don’t see that anymore. This man is perfection on a silver platter, and the fact that he’s been nominated for 16 Grammy Awards proves it. He’s even been in a few movies like, “Black Dynamite” and “Naked.” But his pipes are where it’s at. Every time he opens his mouth, it’s pure liquid magic.

Brian McKnight is coming to Vegas to serenade us, and it’s a dream come true. Cheap tickets are available now.

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