Atomic Saloon Show

This sexy Western is a recent addition to Las Vegas Strip entertainment and has no competitors in town. Atomic Saloon combines jaw-dropping acrobatics, a variety performance and comedy acts. Comics, aerial gymnasts, and acting performers from a hot, breathtakingly trained and hilarious troupe.

Atomic Saloon show has an official description that states: “Blazing Saddles” meets “America’s Got Talent” meets “West world.” And if we add that one of the show creators stands behind Las Vegas famous “Absinthe” and “Opium” you’ll get the point. This pure American experience starts as guests enter the intimate third-floor Atomic Saloon Theatre, a buried treasure in Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian/Palazzo. (The creators confess that the atmosphere of the venue had an effect on the show concept.)

The saloon ambiance and the cast emerging into the place drag guests into the mood right away. Some of the show characters seem familiar from Westerns: saloon girls, a mayor, a singing cowboy. They all are part of the story that connects various performance acts. With the storyline touching some brave topics the shy ones might not feel at ease, but why not take a challenge?

Enjoy this unbeatable mix of Vegas and Vaudeville! Atomic Saloon show will make you laugh even when the performance is over. With the intimate seating area for only 250 seats it feels like a real saloon where guests feel part of the action.

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