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Settle down people. Ambrosia isn’t just some sad dessert you bring to your frenemy’s potluck. We’re talking about the southern California rock band, Ambrosia. We’re not sure, but you could probably bring some ambrosia with you while they tear up the Vegas stage at the Golden Nugget.

We cracked a joke, but the band actually decided on the name because they thought their music matched the color, shades and style of the jiggly dessert. And we totally get why. Hits like “How Much I Feel,” “Biggest Part of Me” and “Holdin’ On to Yesterday” have us vibin’ like a hippie at Woodstock. We’re not sure what type of sugar free, non-GMO, gluten-free substance they’re pouring into their Chai lattes each morning, but whatever it is, we want some because these guys continue to tour.

You know, the food has grown on us. We don’t know what we were thinking when we decided to gift it to our frenemies. Next time we’ll just light a bag of dog poop on their doorsteps like normal people.

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