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Air Supply

Air Supply

A lot of great things come out of Australia; good looking men, the best accents and tans you wish you could achieve in the States. And of course, Air Supply.

Coming out strong in ’75, this dynamic duo is as iconic as the O.G. PB&J. They put their hearts out on the line and were rewarded with enough groupies to last a lifetime. Their songs “Even the Nights Are Better” and “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” stole the throbbing, aching hearts of teen girls everywhere. Shakespeare might be known for his romance, but these two blow him out of the water with their lyrics. Making history in 2013, Air Supply was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association’s Hall of Fame, basically the same thing as The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the States.

40 years in the industry, 19 studio albums and 27 hit singles later, Air Supply is coming to Vegas to show this city what entertainment looks like.

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