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A Musical About Star Wars

A Musical About Star Wars

Remember the hilariously low-budget fan films that used to be all over the internet? Well, A Musical About Star Wars is about two Bill and Ted-Esque buddies trying to do just that. This production isn’t a Star Wars parody or a Star Wars musical, it’s a musical ABOUT Star Wars, and it’s freaking hilarious!

This show-within-a-show at Planet Hollywood features low-budget costumes, cardboard backdrops, and plenty of references to one of the most influential film franchises in pop culture history.

This show doesn’t just celebrate Star Wars, it touches on every aspect of nerd culture like cosplay, conventions, fan-fiction, and even the ongoing feud between Star Wars and Star Trek to decide who reigns supreme.

Contemporary, smart-witted, and irreverent, A Musical About Star Wars brings a galaxy far, far away to the Las Vegas Strip in an unexpected and hilarious new way!

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