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A Complete Hoover Dam Experience

Get the best of both worlds with a refreshing stop at the Colorado River and an in-depth tour of Hoover Dam. Once you board your luxury van from your hotel, your first stop takes you to the Black Canyon. Upon arrival, you’ll board another shuttle and head toward a secluded area of the Colorado River. Take a peaceful ride in a raft while witnessing the Hoover Dam towering above you. You’ll have approximately 30 minutes to enjoy the raft trip. During this time, take the opportunity to snap picture-perfect shots of Hoover Dam and its surrounding beauty. Next, your tour takes you to Hoover Dam, one of the largest manmade wonders of the world. Here, you’ll get an insider’s look at the dam. Explore the visitor’s center and see educational displays plus enjoy a 10-minute film about the dam’s construction. From here board an elevator for a 70-second elevator ride 530 feet down into the heart of the dam. Check out one of four 30-foot diameter pipes that transport 90,000 gallons of water per second to the dam’s hydroelectric generators. A short elevator ride up will take you to a balcony overlooking the Nevada side powerplant. Admire the beautiful terrazzo floors installed in the 1930s and the massive generators. You also get to explore inspection tunnels in the middle of the dam eventually looking out a set of air vents with views of the river below. Take the elevator back up to the top of the dam and enjoy the views. At the end of your tour, enjoy a pleasant ride back to your hotel. Admire a stunning view of Lake Mead and the natural side of Las Vegas.

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