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38 Special

38 Special

Folks, 38 Special is coming to Vegas. And no we’re not talkin’ about your favorite fast food combo meal.

If you’re not sure who or what a 38 Special is, it’s time for you to pull your head out of that book at get in touch with the world. These guys are only one of the biggest Southern Rock bands from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Their mega hit, “Hold On Loosely” has only been featured in basically every movie ever, and popular tunes like, “Caught Up in You” and “Teacher, Teacher” are sure to get your booty shakin’ too. That’s why these guys continue to tour the world and pack the house at over 100 live concerts per year, so we dare you to name something else from the ‘70s that popular. We’ll keep waiting.

This legendary band has sold over 20 million copies of their many albums, going gold and platinum on multiple occasions.

So if you’re smart, you’ll hit the drive-thru BEFORE you see the concert. That way you won’t miss a moment of the action .

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